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The EMMA Online Model is a server running a simulation of the machine and providing an interface to this using EPICS process variables (PVs). The simulation parameters can be manipulated in the same way as PVs for the real machine. This has two distinct benefits:

  • High-level application software can be built and tested offline, allowing more rapid code development and more efficient use of machine time.
  • Machine settings can be applied to the virtual accelerator before trying them out on the real machine.

The model is built in layers. From top to bottom, these consist of:

Python GUI • Channel Access • EPICS • PyZgoubi • Zgoubi

In this way the top and bottom layers can be changed; any development environment can be used to write top-level applications (as long as it can communicate via EPICS Channel Access), and any simulation code can be used to run the virtual accelerator (as long as it can read and write text files and the format is understood).

Status of work

Tracking in Zgoubi

YG 8/3: beam tracked through injection line, few turns and extract. Implemented in Pyzgoubi.

EPICS/Zgoubi interface

GC’s VA program now available as a Windows install package on alicecss01. 12/3: GC will integrate the injection line part into this and update the package when he has time.

Python Frontend

David Kelliher & Shinji Machida have developed a frontend GUI in Python. For more details, see Python Frontend.


Online Model/Meeting 2 - 21 April 2010, DL